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Irida Wine Restaurant’s aim is the creation of the highest quality of a gastronomical experience based on  Cretan cuisine, which along with the hotel’s architectural and decorative design, they offer a distinct  aesthetic environment. Apart from the environment’s aesthetics, the restaurant’s kitchen is unique in its kind, in that it places the culture of Cretan cuisine in the centre of high  level gastronomy through modern and innovative techniques.

Chef Mr. Giannis Baxevanis has created a statement for the world of gastronomy and not only, since  traditional Cretan tastes are presented through high gastronomy by combining tradition with modern techniques. Dishes that could be characterized as Works of Art in their presentation, recall memories of Cretan tradition.

Kakavia, a dish that is based on the traditional fisherman’s Mpougiampeza  (a type of fish soup), moussakas that evokes the taste of lamb made by grandma, and stifado which although visually does not remind us of the known traditional Greek dish,  take you on a journey to Sunday family gatherings. These are some of the Chef’s approaches which create a cuisine of emotion. The cuisine of every place aims at its culture. Irida’s chef has succeeded in creating a concept that promotes Cretan cuisine to high levels and can compete with merited kitchens, like the French cuisine.

Chef Baxevanis has been designated as the gastronomical representative of Greece abroad for OΠΕ (Greek Organization of Foreign Trade)  The United Nations, Fouquet in Paris, the Culinary Institute of New York and the recent years for the Lausanne-Palace in Switzerland. The distinguished chef has revived Greek cuisine and put it on the map, by packing his suitcases with wild greens, herbs, carobs etc.

Ιrida Wine Restaurant offers an innovative product for the market of Crete and not only. It promotes Cretan cuisine and through it, Greek culture in high levels and can attract gastronomic tourism from all over the world.


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